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Well, I am at my first convention ever. My boyfriend works security for a lot of things, and apparently animeusa is one of them. It's a volunteer job, and somehow I got dragged along. It is... interesting? Perhaps more fun if I knew like, one person here, hahah. It's in crystal city, Virginia. I did see a couple things in the dealer room that looked nice, including a miniskirt. I will update more on this and life when I have the internet, am currently using phone. Wish I had taken picture of progressive commercial lady costume, old spice man, and a very angry squall from ff8. Quite realistic, and a little scary. Also there was a person dressed as the cake from portal, holding a sign that said "I am not a lie."

Anyway, I am going back to bed... if possible. I will explain that later as well...


I think school is going to kill me. I'm behind and have waaaaay to much to do in so little time. Everything is put on hold if it is fun. Except Fable 3. It was a bad idea to get it... should have waited until winter break. Oops. Also I have acquired the perfect man and it is proving to be a huge distraction from my schoolwork. Not good. But seriously, what can you do?

Today is a work day only! I will go and attempt to catch up on the multitudes of shit I must get done.

I did finally get a new phone! It is the droid incredible, and is such. I love it!!!

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Okay, so I'm not dead. I've been crazy busy and this city is full of fun things to do. Also I got a boyfriend (omg yay!!!), so my free time has been zapped. On top of that, I've been baking a lot. Come up wth some kickass stuff, too! Like chocolate chip espresso cookies. So good. Tonight I'm having a sushi party, too. And somehow will get homework done. Tomorrow I have class from 9 am to 10 pm. Oh holy jesus.

Have written a little. Am determined to crank out just one chapter before Monday.

The ex bf has been whining about the new one, who he knows. Ex does not like me dating new bf, and keeps bringing it up whenever everyone else is out of earshot. Ex is my friend, so what can I do? I want to say stfu and gtfo, but we are in the same friends group and I don't want to cause drama. I know that he (6 months later) still likes me, but it's no longer his business who I go out with. What am I supposed to do about him? Am at a loss. Need help with this!

Last night I went against what Arnold Schwarzenegger has said ("you should not drink and bake") in his Arnold voice and made a Texas sheet cake after drinking champagne and some peach stuff with new bf. It was DELICIOUS. I wish I could share it with all my internet buddies. :(

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Okay, so I at least got my internet on my laptop to work in the lounge. It means that while my apartment has no internet or cable, I can at least be on the web on the first floor. Dammit.

First 2 days of school were awesome. Epic things have happened. I only hope that some days are slightly less FREAKIN AWESOME (well, not really) so that I can write/do homework. Last night I stayed up late attempting to finish next IYBMB chapter, but failed. Got a couple of pages though, so it wasn't all in vain.

Have written 23 more pages for new fic. Shame on me. SHAME.

Oh well.

BTW, totally te an entire [package of mochi ice cream last night. Wil set myself upon it again now!

I should be packing, but...

So I've watched a few episodes of Sailormoon StarS recently, and have come to a few conclusions about S/U:

1. Usagi ABSOLUTELY knows Seiya likes her
2. The girl totally has a crush on him
2. Seiya is so freaking badass
3. Whoever watches this series and doesn't fall in love with his character is mad

Sorry, I had just forgotten how crazy awesome Seiya is. And cocky. Also, he's telling Usagi like every 5 minutes how they're dating and etc. It's ridiculous. The girl gets all flushed and flustered, and has thoughts to herself like "what am I thinking of him?" And "why do I feel this way?" I think we know. Anime Seiya and Usagi belong together. It's just a fact. Manga Mamoru is a sweetheart, so I like him there. Also, Seiya is 100% girl and not in love with Usagi. Makes things less complicated.


Anyway, so tomorrow I'm moving to Baltimore! I'm worried about a lot of things, but more excited for others so that my happiness outweighs my woes. And also I have 50 pages written for new fic! I'M SO EXCITED!!! almost finished the next chapter of IYBMB! Still needs proofreading and to be fleshed out. When I write dialogue, it's usually funnier if all I write is the conversation, and fill in the he said, she yelled, and gestures later.

I hope that my new apartment doesn't smell like pot when I get there! Because I warned my roommates about that, and some shit will go down. Don't what I want to happen the first week. DX

Distractable girl is disractable

So school is about to start (again). And I just got out of summer classes, too.... dammittttttttt.

And if that wasn't bad enough, my brain decided to start writing ANOTHER fic. How will I get my homework done now?! OMG. I'm going to try very, very hard to finish IYBMB before I start this one. I promised myself I wouldn't start any more until one of my 3 was done.

But... but... dammit. I've already made the plot summary, outline, notes, title, and summary. How did it happen? Wasn't I supposed to finish packing today? I'm moving in 2 days. Oh, damn.

I'm not good at finishing things. I've drawn what now, 6 different fanarts and scanned them, and started coloring ALL of them and have finished NONE of them. Same for scarves. I think I have like 8 unfinished and 3 done. Like, in the history of all my knitting.